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HX2 Cattle Co.
   ...only a few of the very best Angus Beef...
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HX2 Angus Beef

HX2 Cattle  Company  was  founded  by  Cathy  and
Jim Hoffman in Norwood, Colorado, a small  ranching community located high on Wright’s Mesa, west of Telluride.  In 2005, beginning with prize winning lines of nationally known Angus producer, Bob Hardman,  the Hoffman's have specifically selected genetically superior lines from the top 10 bulls in the Angus breed to produce seed stock of unparalleled quality and high altitude soundness.

Using 50K genetic testing and yearly PAP testing of each animal to ensure genotypical and phenotypical reliability, HX2 Cattle Co produces Bulls and Heifers with extraordinary carcass traits and confirmation, temperament and virility, thus ensuring the consistent improvement in quality and profitability of your herd.  Select bulls and cows produced by HX2 carry the AAA "Pathfinder" designation.  

HX2 Angus beef are hormone and steroid free, grass fed. They are 
efficient foragers, are docile and durable, and offer ease of calving and superior mothering instincts.

At HX2 Ranch, we believe and have proven that Angus beef raised at high altitude are sound at high altitude, having been reared at an elevation of approximately 7500 feet elevation. Seed stock offered for sale by HX2 Cattle Co PAP test at between 34 and 42.  HX2 high altitude bulls offer climate and location flexibility for the diverse forage environments of today's commercial cattle rancher.

To the right, please see the lines presented in our 2015-2016 bulls.

Below, please view some of our past young HX2 bulls. 

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