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    Currently For Sale, HX2 Ranch is an approximately 50 acre property located in the small farming/ranching community of Norwood, CO.  Located on Wright's Mesa west of Telluride, Norwood is home to some of the top Angus producers in the country.  At an elevation of over 7,100 Ft, with abundant grasses and ample water year round, HX2 Ranch is an ideal location for raising high altitude ready Angus Cattle.  

     HX2 Ranch is also home to Cathy and Jim Hoffman and, in case you hadn't already guessed it, the HX2 Brand stands for "Hoffman times two". Pictures of our lovely ranch and log home are seen on our "Ranch Amenities" page.  

     HX2 Ranch is for sale now as we look for a property better suited to our growth needs. Please contact us with questions or interest.

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     At HX2 Cattle Company, we believe that all animals possess a level of innate intelligence and temperament which is colored by both heredity and upbringing. We believe in gentle cattle handling, encouraging compliance with needed handling by limiting stress and providing an environment geared to reduce fear and confusion. Enlisting many of the cattle management concepts from the now World famous Temple Grandin, Ph.D., we firmly believe that all animals are healthier, happier and more productive when their physical and emotional needs are met and understood. This knowledge has been the foundation of our cattle handing practices.  

      As with all cattle producers, we have experienced that occasional unruly, seemingly mean or non-compliant cow or bull. Dedicated to our own safety, and that of our buyers, we do not allow propagation of these traits.


 HX2 Heifers and cow/calf pairs are also produced employing complimentary combinations of Sire and Dam from the top lines of the Angus breed. Special attention is given to propagation of Pathfinder qualified cows offering superior mothering instincts, low birth weight, easy calving, high weaning weight, low PAP scores, optimum udder and teat health, foot health and genetic soundness. This year's calf crop is out of a MITTY son.  See our Heifer/Pairs Offerings page for heifers and pair offerings. ​  

 HX2 Bulls are born and raised in Norwood, CO at an elevation of 7,100 Ft.  Selecting Sires and Dams from the top 10% of the Angus breed, bulls are bred to offer high altitude soundness and low PAP scores, extreme docility, superior carcass traits, hoof health, foraging instincts, breeding soundness and are 50K genetically clear of typical hereditary defects.


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